Top 5 Final Fantasy Relationships

Spanning almost three decades, Final Fantasy has become a household name. While ever game offers slight alterations in combat or leveling mechanics, one thing you can always rely on are the strong relationships that carry the characters through their struggles. Here is a look at the most memorable pairings in this storied franchise.

Honorable Mentions
•Cecil Harvey and Rosa Farrell
•Squall Leonhart and Rinoa Heartilly
•Adelbert Steiner and Beatrix
•Zidane Tribal and Garnet “Dagger” Til Alexandros XVII

5. Balthier and Fran

Image converted using ifftoanySky Pirate best friends, risking their lives for one another as they run from their darkened past. This is the one relationship that is always professional with no mixed emotions of romantic love. They seem to know everything about each other whether it is from Fran running away from home or what being exposed to the Mist does to her. Fran also isn’t that shocked when the game reveals that the deranged Cid is the father of her partner in crime. It’s admirable to see them on this adventure together and they will always take two spots on my team like in the remake that’s coming to PS4 in the next couple of months.

4. Noctis Lucis Caelum and Prompto Argentum 

top5ffcnoctisThese two define the bromance of the century. Prompto is just the cutest thing, always caring about anything happening to Noctis, not because he is a prince or it’s a job to him but because they are best friends through thick and thin. Promto started as shy kid who was afraid to talk to our prince (who wouldn’t be? come on!), but with his own flare became the photographer capturing our hero as he adventures to save his fiancée and his kingdom. The banter that happens between these besties just confirms why they deserve a place on my top five list :). The only thing that could make these two better would be if they actually dated, I got a few chapters left it can happen (Sorry Lunafreya).

3. Locke Cole and Celes Chere

top5ffclockeThese two have the most up and down relationship of anyone on this list. Just like an old fashion movie, boy meets girl and offers to be the White Knight in shining armor. However, the damsel is afraid that he isn’t over the last girl and she would just be a replacement for Rachel. Despite that, Celes slowly falls for the thief’s charm and is betrayed when he questions her loyalty. After a series of world changing events she finds herself ready to commit suicide because in this new post-apocalyptic world she has lost everything. In her final moment, she finds the thief’s bandana and decides to live on in order to find the man and her fellow travelers with whom she had always struggled to connect with. Celes tells Locke that the bandana is her good luck charm and hopes he will continue to look out for her in the future.

2. Tidus and Yuna

top5ffctitusThroughout the whole game I can honestly say I was rooting for these two love birds. Like any good story there were obstacles to overcome and these two have them in spades; a wedding, a suicidal pilgrimage, and Tidus finding out he doesn’t really exists. Every character seemed to be standing in their way, Lulu even said “I shouldn’t have to say this, but don’t fall in love with her.”  As the adventure to defeat Sin continues for countless hours of game play we finally get to watch that steamy five minute underwater kiss between our protagonists. These two were so well received we got the highly underrated sequel of X2 which focuses around bringing this couple back into each other’s arm. This is where I pretend the story left off, but if you need more Tidus and Yuna go find the manga that took things a little too far

1. Aerith Gainsborough and Zack Fair

top5ffczackFinal Fantasy 7 tends to be the most popular and nostalgic game in the franchise to date. Most may have been rooting for Cloud and Barret for the date but they were overshadowed by the story arc of Aerith and Zack. Aerith denied going out on a date with the young strapping Solider but over time grew a lot closer to him. Following the death of his mentor, Zack showed up and cried in Aerith arms seeking comfort, which seems to be a trend for the gentleman in the VII universe.  They shared calls, staying in contact with each other, solidifying the romance that we would continue to watch till the final moments of Advent Children. Aerith wouldn’t be the same without her trademark pink bow and no shock that Zack was the one who gave it to her, also suggesting she sells her flowers. So much of her core character is defined by the development of their relationship. No list would be complete without them but if you still disagree I will end you with an adorable sappy romantic note Aerith wrote “I have twenty-three tiny wishes, but you probably won’t remember them all, so I put them together into one… I’d like to spend more time with you.”

~~Brian Voegtle~~

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