Top 5 Couch Co-op Games to Play Before 2017

Honestly, there is nothing better than getting together with a friend or two (or even three if you are that lucky) and playing a videogame on the same screen. The competition levels are higher, the laughs are harder, and the crudeness, well, it becomes pretty intense.

Not all games on this list were released in 2016 but they are definitely worth playing because of how up to date the developers have kept the titles.

Grab some friends, pull up a couch, and get ready for the Top 5 Couch Coop Games of 2016.

5. Surgeon Simulator (Bossa Studios, 2014)

Even though this game was released in 2014, it is still a classic to play with a friend to this day. Fumbling around with the controller trying to figure out how to handle each finger and how to rotate the tools with precision is a daunting task in single player. Add another arm into the mix with a friend barking orders and causing mayhem can really get under your skin (pun intended).

The entire game can be played cooperatively and figuring out the elaborate ways to solve each puzzle (because that is what they really are) can be fun and frustrating at the same time.

4. Minecraft (Mojang, 2014)

You knew this had to be on the list didn’t you? Come on… How could you not add the game that changed everyone’s perspective of what a procedurally generated world can truly be? There is infinite gameplay in here and to be able to play this game with a friend and create adventures of your own is hard to pass up.

This game is constantly being updated and you will always find yourselves wanting to try new things in the game with your friends. Whether it is building a house, digging for treasure or exploring the infinite landscapes, you have to love this game for what it is.

3. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls (Blizzard, 2014)

I seem to have a love for games that were released in 2014 so far. This trend continues with Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. Up to four players can sit and play this beast of a game on a single screen. They have been rolling out updates for this game since its release and it keeps the population coming back for more.

Taking on dungeons and looting for treasure is fun on your own but then add in four-player madness on the same screen and you have some intense strategies and constant chaos. Even after you have finished the game, you and your friends continue to play just to get better weapons and armour. This game is a pick up and play for those who are not even into videogames that much.

2. Rocket League (Psyonix, 2015)

Rocket League has created a massive stir in the gaming industry with its ability to bring people together and create a competitive environment that adds to the e-sport phenomenon. Teaming up with a friend in split-screen coop matches really pushes the boundaries on how an individual should feel great or awful about themselves in a competitive space.

With Psyonix constantly updating this game, there is always something new to try out. Even hockey and basketball arenas made their way into the game in case you were a fan of those sports. No matter what, you will find something in this game to love. Cars + ball + explosions = a hell of a good time.

1. Overcooked (Ghost Town Games, 2016)

Where do I even start with this title? You are in a kitchen. You have three other friends in the kitchen as well. There is a constantly slew of orders for food coming in. Your job is to find all the necessary ingredients, slice & dice & mix & cook, and get those orders out to the not so patient customers.

This game is hectic but boy is it fun. This is definitely something that needs to be played with friends.

The levels are unique, the preparation is fun, the chaos is numbing, and the end-game is so rewarding. It makes you want to go back and perfect each and every level just to get it right. That annoying “just one more time” statement comes up a lot but it is far from annoying.

If you are a massive couch coop fan and are looking for something to do with three of your friends, you have to add this title to your catalogue of games. You will not regret it.

~~Fredd Eyles~~

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