The Heroic Legend of Eagarlnia

At $14.49 Canadian, and with no microtransactions, the Heroic Legend of Eagarlnia is an amazing price for a decent mobile like game on steam. Focused on grand strategy, you should start by checking out the tutorial, which gradually runs you through all the choices you can do each turn. In a simplified manner- you build up your economy and army and assault other country cities until you own the board.

Once ready to play you can choose from 19 countries, each with their own starting heroes who have their own stats and traits while do things like increase the gains from investing or the damage of archers under you command. You need gold to accomplish everything, so keeping your citizens happy while investing in your cities are both important early on for not falling behind other countries. There are a few options for interaction outside simply building wealth and destroying foes- you can get non aggression treaties, persuade enemy heroes to join you, search for treasure and equipment to bolster your heroes. Overall, the game feels fairly shallow though with linear progression- you’re not really making many choices, the key strategy for success is to just grow stronger and survive the first 30-50 rounds without any of your neighbours deciding to wipe you out.

The pacing of the game is erratic; you’ll spend twenty rounds doing almost nothing, then in two rounds wipe out a full country or alternatively be utterly wiped out yourself. You can be sitting stable with a half dozen cities one round, and with no counter play the next round be sitting at one with no chance to dig your way out of the problem. Enemy countries tend to realize this, and will show zero signs of hostility until they feel like they can bulldoze you. Every time I engaged another country it felt like an ‘all or nothing’ scenario, starkly contrasting the rest of the game which is slow and steady attrition.

It is however straight forward and catches some of that ‘one more turn’ vibe of Civilization while being vastly more simplistic, which may be beneficial if you’re not looking for a game with all sorts of complicated systems interlocked in the background and just want to build up and gear and army then go crush people.

The combat itself can be auto battled through, but you can also choose to go into a pausable RTS like battle where you can pick targets for your armies, utilize abilities and take advantages of a rock paper scissors combat unit system. I would not consider this a strong part of the game, which is mostly crisp and nice looking, as the combat has everything blend together and just looks like a visual mess with everything clumped up.

Otherwise the game lacks personality, heroes all have backstories and personalities but the translation is a bit shifty and there doesn’t seem to be much in the ways of actual interaction. For example, my first playthrough I went with Recovery Army, consisting of two princesses whose father was just killed. Next to my country was their brother, who was trying to eliminate them and take control. Fairly straight forward plot, but between fighting them, taking the country, taking them prisoner, torturing them until they joined my army and fighting alongside their stock dialogue seemed to indicate they’d never even met each other other than one bit of dialogue during their first non-auto battle. This is a case of a game which has some lore to it and its characters, but doesn’t really have an engaging story or characters.

Heroic Legend is a decent strategy game with a low financial investment. It feels polished and enjoyable for an indie title, I did run into an issue with my save file refusing to load after twenty or so hours only for the next patch to remove all my saves entirely so I did not get to go as deep into the late game as I’d have liked. The replay seems quite mild as trying out different countries only changes your location on the map and a few basic traits, not doing anything noticeable to change the way you’d go about trying to win. If you’re looking for a charming, simple game with no micro transactions this is going to be one of the better ones in this price range.

~~Alex Cumming~~

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