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Here at Pixel Opinions we are not journalists, industry professionals or experts analysts. We are simply a collection of dedicated video game fans who want to share their unique opinions with others who are passionate about the industry and medium that we grew up with. We realize that our opinions will not always coincide with that of the general population and as such we welcome and encourage feedback.

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SandroSandro Luketic, Founder/Handsome Head Honcho

Growing up as a gamer, coupled with years of experience working within the video game retail industry has afforded me the opportunity to mold a very strong opinion on the digital entertainment medium. As such, I felt it was time to utilize my university degree in English to bring my thoughts to the written word. By rallying a group of my good friends, my goal lies in simply providing entertaining content for any and everyone interested.

joshJosh Pang, Artist/Professional Trophy Hunter

While a life of hunting playstation trophies and eating pizza, which he does love to do, can be very fulfilling it simply was not enough for Josh. He decided to join us in our efforts by taking the knowledge he had gained from fixing peoples computers for many years and teaching himself how to excel in software artwork. When not spending time with his beloved cat Socrates, Josh has committed himself to joining into the video games discussion.

AlexAlex Cumming, ‘The’ Alex Cumming

No longer content with being a lifetime student or working for years in the mental health and development services, Alex has fixed his sights on eventually running his own business. When not studying for his future he is an avid reader, cook and eternal bachelor. He has agreed to bring his unique personality, wit and humor to the website when it tickles his fancy.

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