Marvel Heroes Omega

While the PC version has been out for some time now, Marvel Heroes Omega represents the series jump to the home consoles. Appearing on the PS4 first (which is already in beta and the basis of this review) and then a month later making its way to Xbox One. If you are not familiar with…


Not many actors get to play the same role for 17 years and make it look this good. The crew along with guest Brian review the final movie in the Wolverine franchise.

Preferred Pixels #11: X-Men Mutant Apocalypse

The X-Men are pited against the forces of evil in Mutant Apocalypse. Join us as we take Gambit through Genosha and face off with the alien brood. Revisit the Saturday morning cartoon universe in this game that features Capcom style special moves, alien’s hoarding oil, and questionable character select.

Top 5 X-Men Games

As a child I was introduced to a Saturday morning cartoon show called X-Men, it featured a unique group of super powered mutants and larger than life villains. As I grew older I noticed just how far past comic books the license had expanded with feature length films, toy lines and of course video games. Counting the Wolverine solo outings as well as appearances in supporting roles by random team members, the X-men have been featured in well over forty video games and its time we take a look at the top 5.